Luna by eurumme

“Slowly she grew – till she filled the night, And shone, On her throne, In the sky alone, A matchless, wonderful silvery light, Radiant and lovely, the queen of the night.” – George MacDonald

Luna, literally meaning ‘moon’ in Latin, is inspired by a desire  to romanticise the moon. Whilst keeping with the signature Eurumme aesthetic, the collection aims to personify the moon’s divine embodiment.

In addition to metallic shades of gold and oxidised silver, the collection also uses various shades of steely greys and blacks, to depict  rare, spectacular astronomical phenomena such as the lunar eclipse. 

The collection plays with midnight hues and textural tones that take the shape of statement neckpieces and chokers, earrings, cuffs and rings to depict various forms of the moon, symbolising that Luna is so much more than a light in the night sky. It is a song, it is nostalgia, it is romance.

It is whatever you want it to be.

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