Statement pieces. Ethically designed. Locally sourced. Consciously created.

Gender Fluid & Inclusive Pieces

Eurumme prides itself on the fact that our pieces fit a spectrum of individuals. Since 2020, we have sought to adapt to a gap in consumer needs, cater to those who prefer a more fluid style, and embrace the beauty of being neutral and inclusive. 

We have an assorted range of jewellery that draws inspiration from environmental consciousness and sustainability and can easily transform to showcase the spirit of gender inclusivity. Our collections feature androgynous pieces, including gold-plated sustainable jewellery that can be adorned by any and all genders. 

Consciously Created

At Eurumme, being conscious is a constant process, so we always try to ensure our manufacturing methods are clean and have as little impact on the environment as possible. Our packaging is 100% plastic-free, our plating processes don’t involve any toxic chemicals, and this mindfulness has become an important pillar in our day to day. In our offices, we try to generate as little waste as possible and keep communications green and paper free. We are aware that the road to being ultimately conscious is that of trial and error, and are continuing to grow in our endeavour to have as little impact on our environment as possible.

From the people
From the people
"Only you know who you are born to be and you need to be free as a person and accepting of your own self. Gender isn’t something that should stop you from working towards your goals, love, and acceptance. Gender doesn’t define love, talent, or intelligence."
— Pranay Jaitly & Shounak Amonkar (Creative Directors & fashion consultants: Who Wore What When)
From the people
"A large part of my wardrobe is androgynous, like this poncho that I am wearing - a modern derivation of a unisex staple that is regarded as traditional clothing in many regions worldwide. Similarly, jewellery has been worn by women and men across cultures and tribes, and today, it is a form of personal expression that should not be limited by gender. These beautiful upcycled earrings from Eurumme, which were once a piece of discarded cardboard packaging, show that the possibilities are endless once we think outside the box of convention."
— Sohiny Das (Creative Director & fashion consultant: Grain Consultancy)
Statement pieces. Ethically designed. Locally sourced.

Our promise. Ethical is Beautiful

Simple, minimal, and clean, our pieces are designed to highlight your distinctive personality, and Eurumme is here to help you celebrate it. Our shapes, although simple, are built to look unique yet sophisticated, so you can wear this reflection of yourself easily. Featuring minimal and bold designs, our pieces are made to be fluid and break the boundaries of gender: we believe that jewellery is an expression, one that cannot be placed into boxes.

An undeniable reflection of you