About us

Simple, minimal, and clean, our pieces are designed to highlight your distinctive personality, and Eurumme is here to help you celebrate it. Our shapes, although simple, are built to look unique yet sophisticated, so you can wear this reflection of yourself easily. Featuring minimal and bold designs, our pieces are made to be fluid and break the boundaries of gender: we believe that jewellery is an expression, one that cannot be placed into boxes.


We incorporate these beliefs not just in our pieces, but in our ethics as well. At Eurumme, being conscious is a constant process, so we always try to ensure our manufacturing methods are clean and have as little impact on the environment as possible. Our packaging is 100% plastic free, our plating processes don’t involve any toxic chemicals, and this mindfulness has become an essential pillar in our day to day.

We’re here to create an impact: not just on the environment, but on the wearer of our pieces. We’re here to encourage being unapologetically yourself. We’re here to give you a little piece of us and empower you to just be you.


Eishita Puri

Eishita Puri, our founder, graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Media & Communication in 2010. Having always been inspired by art and jewellery during her childhood, and heavily influenced by the aesthetics of her paternal grandmother, a national-level sculptor, Eishita has always had a keen eye for design. Moreover, her mother also designed jewellery, and she has been exposed to jewellery and design from a young age. Eurumme as a concept came forth in 2016, as a result of the strong female influences in Eishita’s life, and her core belief that being yourself is of utmost importance. Channeling this creative energy, she decided to start a brand whose products could reflect someone’s personality, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. With these ideals in mind, in 2017, Eurumme was finally established, and has since grown to be a brand that at its heart is inclusive, conscious, and growing every day.